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The National Secretariat of Communications cannot rule on the administrative process of dissolution that has been initiated against the ANDEAN FOUNDATION FOR SOCIAL OBSERVATION AND STUDY OF SOCIAL MEDIA – FUNDAMEDIOS before 10-day period that this organization has to exert its right to defense, according to the applicable law.

The National Secretariat of Communication, in the context of the competence given under the Regulation of the Unified System of Information of Social Organization, and other related norms, has the obligation to safeguard the application of the statutes and other administrative documents of more than 100 organizations registered and constituted under the scope of this institution, including the Ecuadorean Association of Journal Editors (AEDEP), the Ecuadorean Agency of Radio and Television (AER), the Association of Communitarian and Regional Channels of Ecuador, Citizen Participation, among others. Nonetheless, FUNDAMEDIOS has permanently unobserved the applicable normative.

The intention of the National Secretariat of Communication has never been that of initiating the dissolution process of FUNDAMEDIOS. For this reason, on June 23rd, this institution urged the organization to comply with the norms of its own statute, specifically on that related to the prohibition of acting in political affairs, as article 6 of its own statute defines. Facing the negative of FUNDAMEDIOS to comply with this request, the process of dissolution was formally initiated.

FUNDAMEDIOS has the legitimate right to explanation and justification of its actions during the 10-day limit. Once the documents are turned in, the National Secretariat of Communications will issue its resolution, under the current legal system and in strict support for the Rule of Law.

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